Now Britton joins long list of injured pitchers (Bundy note added)

Zach Britton went on the disabled list tonight with a left shoulder strain. Another young Orioles pitcher that showed promise now dealing with an injury.

Since the announcement came at game time, no reporters have been able to talk with Britton or Buck Showalter to hear more about this.

It’s seemingly beyond unbelievable at this point with the young pitchers. Jake Arrieta is headed to see Dr. Yocum, Brian Matusz is at Triple-A after spending time earlier on the DL and now Britton.

Makes me wonder who is next.

Fans keep asking me why this keeps happening to the Orioles. It’s a valid question, but who knows what the answer is.

Is there an issue with Orioles’ training methods? Have some of these pitchers been rushed to the majors too fast? Did the pitchers not condition themselves properly over the winter?

It is not just those three. Matt Hobgood, Chorye Spoone, Brandon Erbe, Luis Lebron, Jim Johnson, Jason Berken, Brandon Cooney, Dan Klein, Clayton Schrader, Ryan Berry and Randy Henry is just a partial list of some of the O’s hurlers in the majors or that have showed promise in the minors that have dealt with an injury in the last year.

At this point it is more than fair to ask - What the heck is going on with this organization and some of its young pitchers?

Bundy note: For more good news, Bobby Bundy pitched just two innings tonight in his debut for Double-A Bowie. He gave up six hits and five runs (two earned) against New Hampshire and Armando Gabino came in to start the third.

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