The Orioles’ talks with top draft pick Dylan Bundy began today

No dollar figures were exchanged, but the Orioles have begun the process they hope will lead to them signing high school pitcher Dylan Bundy, their first-round draft pick taken fourth overall in June, with a meeting today in Lakeland, Fla.

At the East Coast Scouts showcase, Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan met with Denver Bundy, Dylan’s father and also part of his representation. Denver works for B.B.I. Sports Group, which represents his son.

“It went really good,” Denver Bundy said of his meeting with Jordan today. “It’s a feeling out process right now. There were not any real figures talked about, it was just mainly trying to understand where each side was at. That was pretty much it.”

The elder Bundy said another meeting with Jordan has been scheduled for a week from tomorrow.

“Hopefully at this next meeting we will be talking more about actual terms and negotiations. We will basically be getting more serious,” he said.

While most have expected that if Bundy signs with the Orioles, it won’t happen before the Aug. 15 deadline, it is possible Bundy could sign before then.

“Actually, we talked about not doing that today (waiting until the 15th),” Denver Bundy said. “Both sides are receptive to that. Nobody wants to take it that far. Unfortunately you have some rules and things you have to abide by sometimes, but we talked about maybe not having this last until Aug. 15.”

Bundy has a college verbal commitment to the University of Texas and also signed a letter of intent with Eastern Oklahoma State Junior College. Most high school players make college verbal commitments for leverage in the negotiations and as a fallback plan if they don’t sign.

Denver Bundy said his son has been keeping up with his workouts and his throwing at home in Oklahoma.

“We’ve been real fortunate. We have a lot of facilites in the Tulsa area that are very good and a lot of pro players go there. He has a chance to work out with a lot of good players. He is not playing on a team (this summer), but he is throwing bullpens twice a week and one of those he is throwing to hitters.”

It would seem that the Bundy family has a good relationship with Jordan, who drafted Dylan’s brother Bobby in the eighth round in 2008. While that is true, the father said it can still be awkward right now during the negotiations.

“It’s probably the way people from the outside may view it, but on the inside it’s probably more uncomfortable for both of us. You are talking about the livelihood of a young man. We all have a job to do and it’s a a matter of conflict, there is no way around it,” the elder Bundy added.

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