Angle using speed and bunting ability to make an impression

The Orioles have four sacrifice bunts in the entire month of September and Matt Angle has two of them.

He also had a bunt single and double in Wednesday’s win over Tampa Bay and is 6-for-7 stealing bases for the Orioles.

While Angle is hitting just .173, at 9-for-52 in 19 major league games, he has made a positive impact on this team with his speed and defense.

“Power has never been a huge part of my game at any level so I’ve had to try and adapt. Use speed and use it any way I can, whether it’s bunting or in the outfield,” Angle said today in the Orioles’ clubhouse.

Angle said he is always looking to drop a bunt when the opportunity presents itself.

“I’ve always tried to incorporate it into my game. It’s always something you have to work on, just like your fielding or hitting. It’s something you always look to improve on,” he said.

“You try to plan it out (when to bunt) in the on-deck circle. Try to know the situation. Then if a guy is playing you back, you have a better chance to lay one down. Sometimes, it’s just a mentality thing. You have to go up and there and know you will give yourself at least a strike to try and bunt it.”

Angle stole 27-of-30 bases this year at Triple-A. He had five steals in a three-game series earlier this month at Yankee Stadium.

“You try to read pitchers, try to get good jumps. It helps to pay attention to the pitchers when other guys are on base, especially when those guys are stolen base threats. You just try to pick up on anything you can,” Angle said.

Manager Buck Showalter paid Angle a real compliment a day or two ago when he said he has been fearless since his call-up. He said Angle knows what he can bring to the team and uses that.

Angle is a quiet guy but he has been playing with some confidence at this level.

“Just knowing that you are putting in the work in the cage,” he said. “You are putting in the work and it helps knowing where you have to be in certain situations.

“It’s been great so far. I’ve been trying to talk to a lot of different guys like Nicky and Jones. Trying to learn some ins and outs and trying to put yourself in position to do some things right.”

He knows he can plant some seeds right now to show the coaches he can help this team next year, but he said he will worry about the 2012 season later.

“I’m trying not to look too far into the future. Trying to do what I can now. The future is too far off, you can only control what you do today,” Angle said.

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