Posada to the Orioles? Don’t see much chance for that

For the life of me I don’t see Jorge Posada, who is a free agent, as a fit for the Orioles.

Jon Heyman of SI.com tweeted this yesterday: “If posada decides to play, i’m thinking orioles or marlins. but i hope he retires. great career. terrific guy.”

Posada turned 40 last summer and while the Orioles need a backup catcher and might have some DH at-bats available next season as well, I don’t see a player at that stage of his career being anyone the Orioles could use in 2012.

Posada was batting just .165 last May 14 when the Yankees tried to drop him to ninth in the batting order and he asked out of the lineup and didn’t play in that game. Not an impressive display. Bailing on your team never is.

I respect Posada’s career, which is long and distinguished, but I just don’t see him playing for the Orioles next season under any circumstances.

Here is an interesting article. It goes over the American League MVP race and wonders if Detroit pitcher Justin Verlander will be a strong candidate for the honor.

Verlander certainly had an amazing year, going 24-5 with an ERA of 2.40 in a whopping total of 251 innings. Verlander gave up one earned run or less in 17 of his 34 starts.

All very impressive. When the Orioles got to him for five runs in his last regular season start, they kept Verlander from becoming the first in the majors with 25 wins since Oakland’s Bob Welch in 1990.

Verlander was dominant in 2011, but the Tigers did lose nine of his starts. They went 25-9 when Verlander took the ball.

While Verlander’s numbers are very similar to those of Roger Clemens of Boston when he was the last starting pitcher to win the AL MVP in 1986, I think the MVP should go to a position player.

I am open to a pitcher winning the award, but it would have to be under some very unusual or very rare circumstances. Verlander will likely get some MVP votes but I just think a player that plays every day is more deserving and has a greater impact on his team.

Verlander had an amazing year and there is an award out there waiting for him in the Cy Young Award. I think that is the only hardware he should take home this month.

What is your take?: Should a pitcher be able to win the MVP award? What about Verlander’s chances this year?

Bonus question: Dan Duquette seemed to downplay the chances of the Orioles are pursuing a top free agent like Prince Fielder with his comments during Tuesday’s press conference. Was that a good move?

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