Jonathan Schoop left Bowie’s game today but not due to an injury

This would probably fall under the heading of team business and not be something necessarily shared with a reporter but when Jonathan Schoop, one of the Orioles top prospects, was removed from Double-A Bowie’s game this afternoon, I wondered if there had been an injury.

There was no injury and it appears that Schoop was taken out of that game at Akron because he attempted to make an unnecessary play on a groundball that may have not sit well with the Bowie coaches looking on in the dugout.

I have heard that Schoop had a potential double-play ball hit to him in the last of the fourth inning, but he failed to record an out when he attempted some sort of behind the back flip with the ball that did not get the job done. He was charged with an error on the play.

When Bowie went out on defense in the bottom of the fifth, Travis Adair was in for Schoop at second base.

Now keep in mind that Schoop’s reputation as a great kid that is very coachable, plays hard and is well-liked is very solid, but it sounds like he didn’t handle this situation today in the best manner and he was taken out of the game and sent a bit of a message.

Maybe this falls under the heading of no special treatment, even for a top prospect and if a prospect does something that the staff does not approve of, I would think they should handle it as they would with any player. It appears that is what happened today during Bowie’s game at Akron.

As expected Schoop has had some struggles in his first year at the Double-A level at just 20 years old. He had a knee injury during spring training that has lingered a bit and he’s batting .246 in 44 games with two homers, 13 RBIs and an OPS of .624.

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