Matt Wieters on potential new deal for Adam Jones

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters said that Adam Jones getting a contract extension would be well-received throughout the Orioles’ clubhouse.

“I think everybody would be very happy for Adam and very happy for the Orioles,” Wieters said. “It would mean a great deal for both parties. You know, Adam is a great player, and it’s moving in the right direction when you can get players like him to be here for a long time. Adam’s been a big part of this team for some years now, so it’s nice to keep guys around longer rather than see them go elsewhere.”

Wieters said Jones has grown into a leader in the clubhouse.

“Oh definitely. I think, one, Adam can be that vocal guy that can speak up when something needs to be said. And, two, you can just watch him play. He plays hard every day, and he’s going to give you the effort you need, especially from a leader. If you are going to lead, you have to give the kind of effort that he does every day.”

Wieters was asked how Jones has improved as a player in the last year or two.

“Just maturing as a hitter. He’s been able to take so many close pitches that before he would swing at. He’s really patient there and knows what kind of role he can play for this team and how big a run producer he can be,” Wieters said.

He said a new contract for Jones would send a positive message to the rest of the O’s players.

“I think it does. I think anytime you can lock up your players to where you feel like this is a group of guys that can make a run at winning, it’s a good message to send to the team.”

As for himself, Wieters cannot be a free agent until after the 2015 season, but, of course, someone asked him if he could be next to get a long-term deal?

“I’m not worried about that now. I’m happy for Adam when it gets done. But at the same time we’re worried about playing right now,” Wieters said.

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