The day after for Chris Davis

With the media crowd that was gathered around Chris Davis’ locker a few minutes, you had to figure he must have done something big lately.

“I had about 60 texts after the game from people just giving me a hard time, (saying) I should have been pitching this whole time and the usual stuff. But everyone said they were proud of the way I hung in there and proud of the way the team has been playing,” Davis said a day after his two-inning scoreless outing at Boston.

“It was a lot of fun. In all honesty, I don’t ever want to do that again. I’m glad we got the win and you know, it was a tough game. Neither team could really hold the momentum. It was huge for us to get the win and the sweep there.”

Davis said the trip home from Boston was pretty fun for the team too.

“It kind of sank in on the flight. We were watching the Nationals game on the flight and there was some talk about us having the best record in the big leagues. It’s not like we expected to get off to this hot a start, but we expected to do well,” Davis.

“It was fun. We really enjoy ourselves and playing together. We enjoy competing as a team. We’ve picked each other up all year and we will continue to do that. It was a good flight home.

“It’s always fun when you are winning. Like I said, we want to keep it rolling. We’ll take it one game at a time and continue to play the way we’ve been playing.”

So why doesn’t Davis want to pitch again?

“It is just not something I picture myself doing. It takes a lot of mental focus and it takes a lot out of you. I have a whole different respect for those guys now and what it takes day in and day out to do that. I tip my hat to them,” he said.

Davis said there was a time when he was with Texas in 2008 that he almost got into a blowout loss to Toronto. Of course, he has pitched before in the amateur ranks.

“There is not much to talk about,” Davis said. “I pitched in high school and played shortstop. I was never the ace on the staff. I closed in junior college but we blew everybody out, so I never needed to pitch.

“I have a little bit of a background. My head coach in junior college is now the pitching coach at Texas, so I was pulling everything out of the memory bank I could in thinking about mechanices and fundamentals and trying not to blow my arm out.”

What about those split-finger pitches he used to get two strikeouts?

“The first one was (a split-finger fastball), but the second one (to Adrian Gonzalez), I just took a little off the fastball,” he said with a laugh.

So how is he doing physically today?

“My arm is a little sore, but my lower back is sore today,” he said. “But I’m sure I’ll be all right. It was a game that took a lot out of me. There wasn’t a lot left in the tank when that game was over.”

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