Postgame comments from Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Mark Reynolds

In the Orioles clubhouse, where the plastic covering was ready to be placed over the lockers today for a celebration that will have to wait, Adam Jones said it was not a big deal that the Orioles are still waiting to clinch a playoff berth.

“That is cool. I’d rather our win had sealed our fate, but it didn’t happen,” Jones said. “We have to worry about ourselves. I don’t care. Do it home, road. We can clinch on the plane. We’re going to party somewhere.”

Jones said it was exciting to see the fans come back to Camden Yards and create a real home-field advantage late this season.

“First five months, we had not many people show up,” Jones said. “September a lot of fans started to show up. Now we have to get the trend of playing in postseason hopefully. Next year, season ticket sales when FanFest goes around, maybe a lot of people will anticipate the year and we get the crowds back. It’s fun playing in front of 40,000 Orioles fans. When it is 40,000 and it’s half blue, half red, that is not fun. When it’s all orange, that is Orioles baseball.”

Matt Wieters talked about Joe Saunders strong pitching performance today, where he gave up three runs over 7 1/3 in the win over Boston.

“It was great. He threw the ball well. The ball was carrying to left today and he was able to miss some barrels and he was able to go deep in the game with a pretty low pitch count,” Wieters said.

What about the scene on the field at the end of the game where the Orioles were looking to celebrate with their fans? Now a playoff clinching will have to wait.

“We don’t feel like we’ve been given anything this year. Everything we’ve worked hard for,” Wieters said. “Now we have to do the same thing going to Tampa. Whether or not that Texas-Angels game had finished different, we still have to go to Tampa and play well and win those games.

“There is satisfaction (at this point) that we have played well this year, but we want to keep playing the way we’ve played and finish the year strong.”

Wieters said he was aware that if Texas losses tonight the Orioles, Yankees and Rangers will all be tied for the AL’s best record at 92-67.

“Yeah. These last three games are going to be something special throughout the whole American League. It’s why we play this game. It is what we want to have a chance to do at the end of the year,” Wieters said.

Mark Reynolds talked about being on the field after the the O’s win and watching the Angels game. The clinching will have to wait.

“We’re in a good spot. They have another game tonight, so we’ll be watching that game,” Reynolds said. “You can’t assume anything. Torii (Hunter) came up with a big hit there. It would have been cool to celebrate with our fans on the field, but it wasn’t in the cards. We’ll go to Tampa and take care of business.

“All we are worried about right now is playing those nine innings, getting a win and not relying on anyone else to take care of business for us. Keep playing hard and we control our own destiny and you can’t ask for anything more than that.”

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