What impact will winning have on Orioles attendance next year?

The Orioles’ home attendance last year was 2,102,240, which was the largest season attendance since 2007, when the team drew 2,164,822 fans to Camden Yards. The per-game average of 26,278 was also the best since 2007.

So how much of an attendance spike should the Orioles expect next season after winning 93 games and making the playoffs for the first time since 1997?

If the club gains just 10 percent over last year and draws just over 2.3 million, it would be the most fans to attend games at the Yard in a single season since 2005.

Here are the O’s attendance figures for the past five seasons:

2008: 1,950,077 for average of 24,376
2009: 1,907,163 for average of 23,545
2010: 1,733,019 for average of 21,663
2011: 1,755,461 for average of 21,943
2012: 2,102,240 for average of 26,278

The Orioles saw a big attendance jump in September, when four dates with the Yankees and three each with Toronto, Boston and Tampa Bay produced 457,425 fans - an average of 35,186 per game.

That was with school back in session and the weather not as nice as it was during summer. The pennant race brought the fans back in big numbers.

Last season was the 23rd time in club history that the Orioles have drawn two million or more and the 17th time at Oriole Park. There were eight sellouts last season.

So how many more fans do you think will attend games in 2013? Do you plan to attend more games this year? Are you or your friends buying season tickets again after giving them up? Will it take several consecutive good seasons to truly bring a lot of fans back?

What is your take on O’s attendance for 2013?

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