Orioles’ minor league spring training roster

With major league spring training now well under way, the Orioles’ minor league camp has also begun at the club’s Twins Lakes facility in Sarasota, Fla.

Below is a list of 162 players that already have or will very soon report to the minor league camp. About 30 of the players listed reported Feb. 21 for an early camp. The rest of the minor league pitchers and catchers reported on Friday, and the bulk of the position players are to report on March 4. The first minor league exhibition games are set for March 12.

Keep in mind that several top minor leaguers are not listed here because they are still in major league camp. That list includes Mike Wright, Eduardo Rodriguez, Eddie Gamboa, Caleb Joseph, Brian Ward, and 40-man roster players such as Michael Ohlman, Tim Berry and Jonathan Schoop.

Here is the alphabetical list with last names listed first and listed position:

Aguilar, Andres - OF
Almonte, Jefferies - RHP
Alvarez, Dariel - OF
Ayers, Daniel - LHP
Baker, Aaron - 1B
Balog, Nik - 1B/OF
Beal, Jesse - RHP
Beaulac, Eric - RHP
Beck, Sander - RHP
Bermudez, Ronald - OF
Bernadina, Roderick - OF
Bierfeldt, Conor - OF
Bill, Augey - LHP
Bischoff, Matt - RHP
Blackmar, Mark - RHP
Bleeker, Derrick - RHP
Bond, Brock - 3B
Boss, Torsten - OF
Brault, Steven - LHP
Bray, Jacob - RHP
Breen, Jared - SS
Bridwell, Parker - RHP
Britton, Buck - IF
Bumbry, Steven - OF
Bundy, Bobby - RHP
Burgess, Michael - OF
Capellan, Byron - SS
Caronia, Anthony - SS
Castagnini, Federico - SS
Chalas, Miguel - RHP
Chavez, Zane - C
Chiang, Chih-Hsien - OF
Clark, Zach - RHP
Cortright, Garrett - RHP
Crichton, Stefan - RHP
Cunningham, Stephen - RHP
Cust, Jack - OF
Davies, Zach - RHP
Davis, Glynn - OF
Delgado, Dariel - RHP
Diaz, Carlos - 1B
Dominguez, Dioni - RHP
Dosch, Drew - 3B
Drake, Oliver - RHP
Engelhardt, Rachid - OF
Escat, Gene - RHP
Esposito, Jason - 3B
Fermin, Yeraldo - RHP
Figuereo, Jose - RHP
Fowler, Zach - LHP
Franco, Daniel - OF
Freitas, David - C
Garrison, Steve - LHP
Gassaway, Randolph - 1B
Givens, Mychal - RHP
Gonzalez, Luis - LHP
Graham, Jack - C
Grendell, Kevin - LHP
Gurka, Jason - LHP
Guzman, Juan - RHP
Hart, Donnie - LHP
Hart, Josh - OF
Harvey, Hunter - RHP
Heim, Jonah - C
Herbst, Lucas - OF
Hernandez, Ivan - RHP
Hernandez, Manuel - OF
Hobgood, Matt - RHP
Homick, Max - LHP
Horacek, Mitch - LHP
Howard, Trent - LHP
Hutter, Joel - IF
Isenia, Jonatan - RHP
Joseph, Michael - RHP
Kalush, Scott - C
Kang, Kyeong - OF
Keller, Jon - RHP
Kemp, Jeff - SS
Kimmel, Sam - OF
Kline, Branden - RHP
Kneeland, Cameron - IF
LaPorta, Matt - 1B
Laffey, Aaron - LHP
Lartiguez, Oswill - OF
Ledesma, Ronarsy - 3B
Lin, Yi-Hsiang - LHP
Lorenzo, Greg - OF
Louico, Williams - RHP
Mancini, Trey - 1B
Marin, Adrian - SS
Marino, Harry - LHP
Martinez, Jesus - OF
McAdams, Sean - RHP
Mercedes, Alexander - OF
Merritt, Roydrick - LHP
Morillo, Juan - RHP
Mosby, Michael - IF
Mummey, Trent - OF
Murphy, Alex - C
Murphy, Tanner - C
Narron, Connor - SS
Nathans, Tucker - IF
Notwottnick, Nik - RHP
Parry, Bennett - LHP
Pena, Jerome - IF
Peralta, Ofelky - RHP
Perez, Pedro - C
Petrini, Chris - LHP
Pettit, Jacob - LHP
Pinales, Elias - LHP
Pintar, Jake - RHP
Prado, Marcel - RHP
Price, Matt - RHP
Rennie, Luc - RHP
Reyes, Jomar - 3B
Rheault, Dylan - RHP
Richards, Kristopher - IF
Richardson, David - RHP
Rodriguez, Julio - RH
Rona, Pita - 1B
Rosa, Garabez - SS
Ruettiger, Johnny - OF
Russell, Steel - C
Rust, Tanner - IF
Rutledge, Lex - LHP
Santana, Alexander - RHP
Savastano, Scott - IF
Sawyer, Wynston - C
Schoop, Sharlon - IF
Schrader, Clayton - RHP
Schreurs, Ronald - LHP
Seabrooke, Travis - LHP
Segui, Cory - 1B
Severino, Janser - RHP
Simpson, Alexander - IF
Sisco, Chance - C
Staniewicz, Zach - RHP
Starr, Sammy - SS
Tarpley, Stephen - LHP
Taylor, Matt - LHP
Tolliver, Ashur - LHP
Torres, Dennis - RHP
Tracy, Chad - 1B
Upperman, Casey - RHP
Urban, Austin - RHP
Vader, Sebastian - RHP
Vargas, Yariel - 2B
Vasquez, Oscar - 2B
Vega, Anthony - OF
Veloz, Hector - 3B
Viele, Justin - SS
Vizcaino, Luis - RHP
Wager, Brady - RHP
Walker, Christian - 1B
Webb, Brenden - OF
Weems, Chase - C
Wilson, Tyler - RHP
Wrigley, Henry - 1B
Wynns, Austin - C
Yacabonis, Jimmy - RHP
Yastrzemski, Mike - OF
Zorilla, Andrickson - OF

The two young international players the Orioles are very high on who were added in late January will be in this camp. The Orioles purchased 17-year-old first baseman Carlos Diaz from the Mexico City Red Devils. Diaz is from Baja California, Ensenada, Mexico. The Orioles signed 16-year old third baseman Jomar Reyes. Reyes is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Here is a partial list of some players that were in the O’s minors for at least part of last season that have signed elsewhere (and, yes, it is not the complete list):

Manny Delcarmen (Washington), Luis Exposito (Detroit), Kyle Hudson and Luis Martinez (Los Angeles Angels), Daniel McCuthchen (Texas), Yamaico Navarro and Jairo Asencio (Korea), Chris Dickerson and Daniel Schlereth (Pittsburgh), Brandon Waring (Minnesota), Taylor Teagarden (New York Mets), Niuman Romero and Allan de San Miguel (Colorado), Adam Russell (Arizona), Trayvon Robinson (Los Angeles Dodgers) and Zelous Wheeler (New York Yankees).

Pitcher Tim Bascom, at last check, had not yet signed with any team. The right-hander who was drafted by the Orioles in Round 4 of 2007, was the club’s minor league Pitcher of the Year in 2011.

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