Still quiet on the contract talk front for the Orioles and Chris Davis

SARASOTA, Fla - The Orioles and slugging first baseman Chris Davis, still have yet to get too far in any talks of a new contract for the player who led the majors in homers, RBIs and extra-base hits in 2013.

Davis said this morning there is not much happening on that front right now.

“Not that I know of and you guys are pretty good about finding things out,” Davis said. “I’m sure if anything is said, we’ll be talking about it, but those are for Scott (Boras) and Dan (Duquette). I have way too much to focus on here.”

Is Davis disappointed that talks haven’t gotten very far to this point?

davis-swings-grey-sidebar.jpg“Not really,” he said. “They took care of me this offseason. That was the biggest thing. Not having to go to arbitration. They have a lot of good problems to have. They have a lot of young talent. A lot of guys that are just coming into their prime at the right time in their career. With the moves that we’re making, I hope that’s a sign of things to come, but at the same time, you have to focus on your day-to-day job.”

Davis hit .286 with 42 doubles, one triple, 53 homers and 138 RBIs last season, setting the team record for homers. Davis’ 96 extra-base hits were 21 more than anyone else in baseball.

Maybe the Orioles want to see if Davis can put up big numbers for a third year in a row on offense.

“Yeah. That’s understandable,” Davis said. “That is how you make your mark in this game is being able to do it consistently. I think the biggest thing for me is to stay healthy. As long as I give myself a chance to play 160, 162 games, the numbers will be there.”

Some players don’t want contract talks to happen during the season. They can serve as a distraction. Davis might be one of those players.

“We’ll kind of play it by ear,” he said. “Like I said, Scott and Dan are going to be talking, more than I will be with Dan. I’m not going to sit down with Dan and talk about my contract.

“If things start getting serious, I’ll address it, but at the same time, if we’re in the thick of things, I don’t want to be sidetracked by contract talks.”

Davis is having a good spring. He’s batting .500 (11-for-22) with three homers and eight RBIs. He has a slugging percentage of 1.000. He looks ready to have another big year. He will be an Oriole through 2015, but so far, a deal to sign him beyond that, has not happened.

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