Dan Duquette addresses fans at “State of the Orioles” address

Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette and manager Buck Showalter held their annual “State of the Orioles” address today at Camden Yards and answered questions from season ticket holders.

Duquette and Showalter sat on top of the visitors’ dugout along the third base in an event moderated by MASN’s Jim Hunter. Here are some excerpts:

Duquette on Nolan Reimold’s future as an Oriole
“We hope Nolan can help our team. He’s down in Bowie. We’ll have to see if he can help our ballclub or do that later in the season. But he’s getting on base, playing some in the field and at DH and he’s done well. He’s on his way back.”

Duquette on the club’s offense and reliance on home runs while lacking strong on-base capabilities
“Could we do a better job in terms of discipline at the plate? Arguably we could. Is that something that we emphasize? Yes, we do. That is something we’ll continue to look for.

“We want to leverage the power of our great hitters by having men on base. But I’ll tell you this. We have some gifted hitters and they are aware of it. They are aware of how the pitchers get them out and it’s a game of adjustments. To the extent we can encourage patience and have our guys see more pitches and work the pitcher, that gives us an advantage.”

Duquette on trying to get Manny Machado’s suspension reduced
“When a pitcher comes in from the bullpen and goes after the league’s best defensive player in an area where he had an injury and they want to dock the player five games and the other guy escapes, that’s a gross inequity. Hopefully reasonable people will apply reasonable standards. The pitcher could have been warned after the first pitch. Then he could have been thrown out of the game and then suspended. That would be equitable.”

Duquette on if he would make Machado an Oriole for life after being asked by a young fan
“Are you the agent? We already tried. We’ll try again. We have a lot of good players we’d like to have here for a long time.”

Duquette on Rule 5 pick Michael Almanzar
“He’s on rehab now and he’s on his way to Norfolk. Once he shows that he’s healthy, then we would have to get waivers and offer him back to the Red Sox and they could let us send him to the minors if we send them a player. Or they could take him back. So that will be resolved here once he shows that he’s healthy.”

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