A few quotes from Buck Showalter’s press availability at FanFest

Here are a few quotes from Orioles manager Buck Showalter’s media availability with reporters at FanFest:

On the Dan Duquette rumors in general terms and losing three key players: “Our payroll is going to go up this year, but we are going to be able to do some things during the season now. We will be able to do some things if needed, whether it be injury or performance. That is why we were able to add Andrew (Miller) and (Alejandro) De Aza last year. And I’m proud of the players we are developing that allow us to acquire players like Miller. I talked to Peter (Angelos) yesterday and the first thing he said is, ‘What do you need? What can we do?’ He’s been great. As we can get into spring, if there becomes a need, we will be in a position to do it. Some teams won’t.”

Buck-Showalter-dugout-railing.jpgOn whether there’s clarity to the Duquette situation now: “I always feel like we had clarity. You know things have been put in place by not only by Dan but a lot of people. Whether it be a scouting director, farm director or previous people. Things can run themselves for a while at some point. That wasn’t something that ... we all want what is best for the organization and Dan and our fans. Think it is inevitable as an organization when you get better, that people will be coveted more.”

On whether the Toronto situation would lead to the Orioles losing anyone in the front office: “You know what I found out through the years? There are people that can do the job as well, if not better than all of us. It would create an opportunity for someone that has been waiting for it. We went and got Scott Coolbaugh. It killed the Rangers to lose him. He was probably their best hitting instructor.”

On team morale right now among the players: “They got it. It’s not really the topic of conversation that some may think it is. We could probably go back to something that was a hot topic last offseason.”

On the huge crowd here today and whether it fires up the players: “Of course it does. We don’t assume it. They come to Camden (Yards) to watch us win. There is no more passionate, sincere group of fans than we have. These are the things that people live and die with.”

On whether the leadoff spot is De Aza’s job to lose: “I wouldn’t say that. If you asked what is a more important spot in our order, one or nine, I’d probably say nine. Because that allows you to do a lot of things down there.

“If you look at your seven, eight and nine hitters, and fourth and fifth starters compared to other teams and your non-closer and set-up guys, you have a real good idea how good you are compared to other teams. Over the long season, it is about fourth and fifth starters and the bottom of your order. Every team, especially in the East, can run six hitters out there. It’s the other things that allow you to win 90-plus games.”

On whether it’s possible the O’s leadoff hitter is not on the team right now: “It is possible, but I don’t think probable.”

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