How will the Orioles fare statistically in 2015?

Among the fun things about baseball are our constant speculation about the upcoming season, and our debates about how the team and certain individuals will do.

Today it might be interesting to look at some O’s team stats posted last year and get your takes on whether the club will go over or under that total in 2015? Will they be better or worse in certain stat categories?

Feel free to express an opinion on some or all of these, but here are a few to take a look at and also listed is where the Orioles ranked in the American League last year.

Runs: 705 (6)
Homers: 211 (1)
OBP: .311 (11)
Average: .256 (tied for 5th)
Isolated Power: .166 (1)
Batter strikeouts: 1285 (5)
Walk percentage: 6.5 (14)
ERA: 3.43 (3)
Starter ERA: 3.61 (5)
WHIP: 1.24 (6)
Groundball percentage: 43.8 (7)
Strikeouts per 9 innings: 7.23 (11)
Team catcher caught-stealing percentage: 27.6 (tie for 6th)
Wins: 96 (2)
One-run win percentage: .582 (1st at 32-23)
Extra-inning win percentage: .700 (1st at 14-6)

It is interesting that some readers often talk about the club’s strikeout total for the batters. But with 1,285 last year, the Orioles ranked fifth in the American League, not first or second, as some might have thought. Contrary to popular belief, they are not a strikeout machine on offense and the average for an AL team in 2014 was 1,216.

The Orioles do strike out more than average and, as pitchers, they strike out fewer batters than average.

I think strikeouts by hitters and pitchers can be somewhat overrated. I understand the importance of a productive out, working the count and also of a pitcher having strikeout stuff. But last year, the O’s scored more than the average AL team and gave up fewer runs than the average AL team, while not ranking well in the strikeout stats.

I digress here a bit for that comment. But getting back to the stats I listed, how will the 2015 Orioles fare in some of these team stat categories?

What team statistics are important to you in sizing up the Orioles?

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