Tommy Hunter on Chris Davis and more from FanFest

While Chris Davis met with a large group of reporters here today at FanFest, Orioles pitcher Tommy Hunter, his close friend, talked about the O’s first baseman.

Davis has one game still to serve on his suspension and he’ll miss opening day. Does Davis have some repair work to do in the Orioles clubhouse?

hunter-white-windup-sidebar.jpg“Not with me,” Hunter said. “We’re good friends. I am sure there are mixed emotions in the clubhouse. I can’t speak on everybody’s behalf. The guy is a great friend to me and he made a mistake and owned up to it. He’s taking it the best he can. I’ll probably just pat him on the (butt) and say go get him.

“He is probably going to have a big year. He’s a power hitter and has a good head on his shoulders. Everybody makes mistakes in life. You get knocked down and it’s how you get back up. He’s one of my best friends, so I think he’s going to be all right. Not too worried about him.”

Hunter said Davis addressed his suspension and his feelings about it with his O’s teammates last year.

“Yeah. It wasn’t easy. It is never easy going through something like that,” Hunter said. “I’m sure he had a lot of feelings of regret. I don’t want to speak for him. He wasn’t happy with himself I can tell you that much. It is kind of hard to come up to some of your closest friends and have to tell them that, but he’s a strong individual. I think he is going to come out with a little it bit of a chip (on his shoulder). I hope he does.”

As for another large turnout at FanFest, Hunter said that helps the players get fired up for the season.

“It’s exciting to see the excitement people bring here,” he said. “It’s a good atmosphere and always puts a smile on your face.”

Hunter went 3-2 with a 2.97 ERA in 2014. He had a 1.86 ERA in 28 games after the All-Star break and posted a 1.77 ERA in his final 43 appearances beginning May 17.

He noted there are already some national predictions that are not favorable for the Orioles upcoming season.

“What is new? Every year it seems we’ve been picked to be last or 26th in the league or whatever. Let them write. Doesn’t bother me too much,” he said.

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