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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Jim Callis of has reported on many trades over the years as part of his excellent analysis of prospects. He is someone fans turn to in order to find out the level of prospects their team just got when a club deals a star player for young talent.

A deal much like the Orioles potentially could be discussing for Manny Machado.

When Callis was on “MASN All Access” yesterday, I tapped into his experience with these deals to ask what return the Orioles could get for Machado. And that is considering that the acquiring team would have him for just one year.

“I think he could bring an awful lot,” Callis said. “You have to throw out the Giancarlo Stanton trade. That was a bad trade. But with Manny look at what Aroldis Chapman got traded for when he had two months of team control left. He brought back Gleyber Torres, one of the best prospects in baseball, as part of a four-player package. The other thing is if you trade for Machado now, as opposed to during the season, you still get a draft pick back if he leaves. I still think he’d have a ton of value maybe for some of the teams that didn’t get Stanton. They’d also have first crack at re-signing him.

“I would think a Manny trade could get at least one top 100 type prospect and at least another couple very good prospects in the deal.”

Here is Callis’ take on a few O’s prospects.

Sisco Throws Black Gear Sidebar.jpgIs Chance Sisco ready on defense to catch in the majors?: “Well, maybe. I don’t think he’s ever going to be an above-average defensive catcher. But that is still an improvement from a time when there were doubts he could even become an adequate catcher. I think you are looking now where he is somewhere from adequate to fringy to average.

“It all kind of depends of what you desire from the catching position. If the Orioles want a guy that is going to be a presence behind the plate, then I think you need to give him more time in Triple-A. If you are willing to trade defense for offense, he is one of the better hitting catchers in the minor leagues. Then I think he’s ready.”

How highly will Austin Hays be ranked when the new top 100 prospects lists come out?: “I think he is one of the top 25 or so prospects in baseball. He’s got tools and it’s not like he just performed. He was a third-round pick and I couldn’t understand why he went then. Here’s a guy that has tools and performed and was a college player. He is plus hit with above average power, probably an average runner and a good defender and usually those guys go in the second round at least. I thought he was a steal in the third round. He is one of the best prospects in baseball.”

What is your take on the O’s 2016 top draft pick, pitcher DL Hall?: “You are talking about a guy that has all the ingredients. I guess if you were drawing up a blueprint, you’d rather he was 6-foot-3 then six feet tall. But you are talking a lefty who is 90 to 95 (mph) with one of the best curveballs in the draft and a track record of success on the biggest amateur stages. He really competes and throws a lot of strikes. I really liked that pick.”

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