Tim Beckham provides an update after his core muscle surgery

A day after his core muscle surgery in Philadelphia, which repaired tears on both sides of his groin, Orioles infielder Tim Beckham was back in the clubhouse today. He is trying to stay positive and said he’s ready to attack the rehab process.

He hopes to be playing rehab games perhaps around mid-June, give or take a few days.

“I’m not going to be put a timetable on it, but I hope to be playing in extended spring training or minor league games in six weeks from now,” he said. “I’ll do the rehab 100 percent and see where we end up. I’ve been through worse. I’ve been through ACL surgery and it was a lot longer. Just want to stay in the right place mentally and be able to help the team win games when I come back. This is tough timing for me and the team. But I feel like I wasn’t helping the team playing at 75 percent. So I needed to get that in the past.”

Beckham-Catch-White-Sidebar.jpgn going in for an exam and procedure to repair one tear, it was discovered he’s been playing for years with a second one.

“It was something that had be done, man,” Beckham said. “Come to find out I’ve been playing on my right one for four years now and didn’t know there was a slight tear in there. My left one was acting up in spring training and did the rehab that was necessary. But I made the play the other night (against Cleveland) and it triggered it again.

“Come to find out on the MRI I had a three-centimeter tear on my left one, too. Sucks right now, the timing of it. I want to play better baseball than I was playing and help my team win ballgames. But everything happens for a reason and I’m happy to get it taken care of now. Come back and play at least 90 percent, instead of playing 80 percent or so.

“If I didn’t do this, the doctor is pretty sure I would tear the right one off the bone. Want to stay positive and think of it as a blessing in disguise.”

Beckham was off to a poor start, batting .179/.247/.262 through 23 games with four doubles, a homer, four RBIs and an OPS of .509. He was batting just .154 versus right-handed pitching and had made three errors.

Did the groin injury hurt his on-field play?

“I’m not going to use an excuse for my performance on the field, man,” Beckham said. “I choose to play through injuries. I was just playing bad baseball. I could have been doing a lot more at the plate. There is no excuse for on-the-field play. I choose to play through injuries and production is expected.

“I’m going to stay positive through this rehab process. Eat healthy and do everything that is in the rehab program. Want to come back healthier, stronger and o ready to play every game.”

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