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A look at liquid analytics and a possible non-tender for Schoop

So the additions of Mike Elias and Sig Mejdal will bring the Orioles up to speed with analytics. The team, over time, will no doubt become one of the top clubs at making data-driven decisions. But while analytics have been used by teams to attempt to make good decisions for the future as they evaluate players, the next area of influence is likely to come

So how will the Orioles get up to speed in analytics?

The information and data age in baseball is here. It’s been here for years now and we are not going back to a day when most fans only focused on batting average, home runs and RBIs for batters. Or wins and ERA for pitchers. The game has advanced way beyond those numbers. And, of course, those that work in a baseball front office are way

Rebuilding time frames, Drake on the move and a McKenna note

Does rebuilding a baseball team have a beginning and an end? That is an interesting question that came up in our comments section yesterday. Are the Orioles done tearing down their roster? Does the rebuild truly begin now that Mike Elias has taken over baseball operations? I don’t think you can put a date on a beginning and an end here unless you truly consider

A look at a few possible Rule 5 targets for the Orioles

While beginning the year with multiple Rule 5 draft picks on a major league roster is something that just may not work out, the rebuilding 2019 Orioles might have to consider starting the year with at least one Rule 5 pick. The Orioles have the No. 1 pick in the Dec. 13 Rule 5 draft that brings an end to the upcoming Winter Meetings. And

2018 season recap: Slow start, strong finish for Alex Cobb

Orioles right-hander Alex Cobb went 5-15 with an ERA of 4.90 in 2018, his highest ERA in any full season in his career. But a season that started terribly for him got better as it went along - a lot better - providing hope for what he might provide the rotation in 2019. Signed to a four-year deal worth $57 million last March, Cobb had

What should the Orioles look for in a new manager?

The next big move for the Orioles, or one of them, will certainly be the hiring of a new manager. New general manager Mike Elias said the background work on managerial candidates had already begun the day he met the media for the first time on Monday. He would not put a timetable on the hiring and seemed to want to be thorough in his

Branden Kline’s fastball returned in 2018, but the changeup made the difference

The Orioles added Frederick, Md., native Branden Kline to their 40-man roster on Oct. 30 and it was pretty much a no brainer. They added a young pitcher with a big arm who was once one of their top draft picks. Kline returned strong this year after three seasons from 2015-2017 that were impacted by his Tommy John surgery in the fall of 2015 and

Oh, what a night: Remembering the 1983 champion Orioles

When the Orioles took the field against the Philadelphia Phillies for the 1983 World Series, there was plenty of motivation, and not just to win the championship. The Orioles were also out to avenge two heartbreakers - losing a 3-1 lead in the 1979 World Series and losing the 1982 American League East title on the season’s final day. The Orioles lost the series opener

With Sig Mejdal, O’s should take big leap forward in analytics

We have a pretty good source that essentially informed us that the Orioles need to dramatically upgrade their usage of analytics moving forward. The source is the players on the 2018 Orioles. It was not a good look for the organization when, after Kevin Gausman and Brad Brach were traded to Atlanta and Zach Britton was dealt to the Yankees, that all three spoke about

A look at some Rule 5-eligible Orioles

When the Orioles added right-hander Dillon Tate to their 40-man roster yesterday, that brought the number of players added in the July trades to seven on the 40-man. The others are pitchers Cody Carroll, Luis Ortiz, Evan Phillips and Josh Rogers, and infielders Jonathan Villar and Breyvic Valera. The 24-year-old Tate was the No. 4 overall pick in the 2015 draft by Texas out of

On his first day in Birdland, Mike Elias said the cupboard is not bare

If you think that everything is wrong with the Orioles because they lost 115 games last year, and that their minor league system is bad, there is at least one person who does not agree with you. That is new executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias. Was the new man in charge just being nice or does he look around and truly see

Mike Elias hopes to create an “elite talent pipeline” to rebuild the O’s

During a 40-minute introductory session with reporters today televised live on MASN, new O’s executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias provided some details on how he will try to duplicate success stories he was previously involved with in St. Louis and Houston. “We’re going to build an elite talent pipeline,” Elias said. Of the players now in the organization, he said, “There are

As Mike Elias takes over, will he follow the plan from Houston?

As the Orioles introduce Mike Elias today as their new executive vice president and general manager, we will hear from him for the first time as an Oriole. It should be a great opportunity for Elias to present his vision and plan for the future. There are no handbooks or sure-fire guidelines for rebuilding baseball teams, and there must be many ways to build a

About that No. 1 draft pick ...

It is several months away. but another big decision that new Orioles executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias will have to make is which player to take with the No. 1 pick in the June 2019 First-Year Player Draft. For just the second time in Baltimore Orioles history, the club will have the top pick next June. That is since the draft began

Mike Elias should hit the ground running with a lot on his plate

New Orioles executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias will no doubt hit the ground running. He’ll be introduced to the Baltimore media at the Warehouse on Monday. Elias for now inherits several staff members already in place and some scouts likely already have contracts in place for the 2019 season. Other staff likely does as well. There is nothing wrong with this and

A new day: Mike Elias hiring made official by the Orioles

The Orioles made the expected announcement today, that Mike Elias will head up their baseball operations, and they made it clear that his leadership and vision will take this team through the rebuilding process. He is the top decision maker. Elias’ title is executive vice president and general manager. A club announcement states that “Elias will oversee all baseball operations for the club and have

One former Oriole endorses Joe Espada as manager

Not long after Mike Elias’ addition to head up Orioles baseball operations is made official, one of his first big moves will be choosing which manager he hires to succeed Buck Showalter. Would Elias consider someone from Houston? If he does, he could look to Astros bench coach Joe Espada, who has interviewed for multiple managing openings this year, including in Toronto. He’s been a

What they are saying about soon-to-be-Oriole Mike Elias

There is a lot to like about Mike Elias, who is expected to soon officially join the Orioles and head up the club’s baseball operations. He got his start in scouting in a sharp and smart St. Louis Cardinals organization. He worked closely in Houston with general manager Jeff Luhnow for perhaps the most progressive and forward-thinking organization in the majors. Elias saw Houston lose

Looking at the AL Cy Young race and a new GM report

I was not among the writers assigned to vote for the American League Cy Young Award this year, but that doesn’t keep me from having an opinion on who should win. First, a quick look at the three finalists. In alphabetical order they are Corey Kluber of Cleveland, Blake Snell of Tampa Bay and Justin Verlander of Houston. Kluber won the AL Cy Young in

A look at the 2018 rotation struggles and more

The Orioles rotation was bad - really bad - during the 2017 season. The team ERA for its starters was 5.70, was last in the American League and was the highest rotation ERA in Orioles history, which of course, began in 1954. While the rotation ERA was a tick better last year at 5.48, that still rated last in the AL, and a case could

Tanner Scott has been closing the gap between potential and performance

On a team that doesn’t feature many pitchers with either big strikeout totals or premium velocity, the Orioles have a young lefty that checks both boxes. Reliever Tanner Scott made some nice gains in the second half of the 2018 season and the vast potential the club felt was there all along started to present itself. He doesn’t yet have the stats to grab much

Second offseason edition: “10 questions for O’s fans”

It’s that time again: time for me to ask you some questions and get your responses. Once again today, I’ve thrown out 10 questions and am looking for your responses. Answer one question or all 10. Provide short answers or long. Respond to answers by other readers. It’s all welcome. The first two questions are the same from last time as we’re all still looking

The outfield: A good place to begin for rebuilding O’s

For the rebuilding Orioles, the outfield is a good place to start. There is some youth there that has shown promise, and four of the six players listed at outfield on the 40-man roster were drafted by the team. It is a position of some depth in the organization, and late last year we began to see some of that make its way to the

Manny Machado in the spotlight as free agency begins

While we know that the Orioles won’t be chasing top free agents, they are tied to one, and that is infielder Manny Machado. Drafted No. 3 overall by the Orioles in 2010, he went on to play 860 games for the team until they traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers in July. Three times, he would finish among the top nine in the American

Rebuilding Orioles need to look within, not at free agents

As baseball free agency gets going, we know the Orioles will not be playing in the deep end of the pool. No chance of a Manny Machado reunion or a run at one of the top starters out there, such as Patrick Corbin or Dallas Keuchel. But should the Orioles even stick their toe into the shallow end of the pool? There certainly will be

With the big dollars about to roll in, some fans are not pleased

It seems predictions that former Oriole Manny Machado and current National Bryce Harper could get each contracts totaling $300 million or even $400 million have ruffled a few feathers among baseball fans. I’m paraphrasing a bit here, but readers have stated such thoughts on the blog the last few days about this duo, expressing the sentiment that no player is worth that kind of money.

2018 season recap: David Hess could emerge in 2019 rotation

You may be surprised to learn that among pitchers still on the team that made starts for the Orioles last year, right-hander David Hess had the lowest ERA at 4.88. Kevin Gausman, since traded, had an ERA of 4.43 in 21 starts for the Orioles. Plus, Hess had a strong finish. No one is guaranteeing Hess a spot in the rotation for the rebuilding 2019

The 2018 road woes and timing of O’s big hires

With 115 losses, the 2018 Orioles were easily the worst team in the majors this year, and they posted their worst record since their move to Baltimore in 1954. But their road record was where it went from bad to worse. And worst. In six months and 162 games of baseball, the Orioles won all of three road series. They split a two-game series in

Are Machado and Harper looking at a possible $400 million each?

There have been 12 contracts in baseball history producing total dollars of $200 million or more, but outfielder Giancarlo Stanton signed the only pact for over $300 million. In November 2014, he signed a contract extension with Miami for 13 years and $325 million. That was the richest contract in major league history. This winter, not one but two players could top that, and might

A look at a catcher trending up with the Orioles

He is not currently on the Orioles’ 40-man roster, although it seems likely he will be before the 2019 Rule 5 draft. The Orioles might add a catcher to their 40-man roster to avoid him possibly being taken in the Rule 5 draft. They got him in that draft just last year - in the minor league phase of the Rule 5. Credit to the

A few thoughts on where the Orioles go now with their international bonus pool

The Orioles tried but failed to sign any of the big three international prospects that were most recently available. Victor Victor Mesa and Victor Mesa Jr. signed with Miami. Pitcher Sandy Gastón signed with Tampa Bay. So now what? The Orioles still reportedly have something north of $6 million remaining in their pool amount to sign international amateurs. But many of the top players were

A new-look Orioles offense began to take shape in 2018

The transformation of the Orioles offense began in the final two months of the 2018 season. With one or two key additions, the Orioles pumped some needed speed into their lineup and began morphing into an offense that could be less dependent on homers. As a new regime takes over at some point, perhaps we’ll see a team producing fewer homers and strikeouts and an

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