November edition: “10 questions for O’s fans”

Welcome in to the second offseason edition of 10 questions. There will be others as we progress through the winter. As always, answer all 10 questions, just a few or even just one. Provide short answers or long. Respond to other readers’ answers. All up to you.

It’s all good and always interesting to check the responses.

Akin-Throws-Orange-Bowie-Sidebar.jpgToday’s questions:

1) Will Keegan Akin crack the rotation in 2020, and if so, how many starts will he make?

2) Will Trey Mancini make more starts at first base or in the outfield?

3) Which player makes the most starts at catcher?

4) Who will be the opening day starting pitcher?

5) Which current Oriole is most likely to be traded?

6) In your opinion, who are the top three Orioles pitching prospects on the farm? Rank them.

7) Should the O’s tender a contract to Jonathan Villar at approximately $10 million?

8) Who will lead the 2020 Orioles in hits?

9) How many starts will Chris Davis make next season?

10) Do you like the Orioles’ plan to play weeknight home games before Memorial Day and after Labor Day at 6:35 p.m.?

Want to look back at any questions and answers from 10 questions from last month? If yes, click here.

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