What will mark progress for the Orioles in 2020?

Today just a few words from me because this blog is more about what the readers and all O’s fans have to say. It’s about tracking progress. What would have to happen during the 2020 season for fans to see progress?

orioles-fans-kids-pumped.jpgIs it mostly about winning more games? Or more young players from the farm system making their way onto the roster? Is it about finding some starting pitching from the farm? Or about the farm itself and seeing more progress from minor league players as they make their way toward Baltimore?

No doubt some excitement in the 2020 season - just like in 2019 - will be generated by things that won’t help the big league team right away. There will be excitement in June when the Orioles hold the overall No. 2 pick in the draft for the first time ever. And more excitement on July 2 when another international amateur signing day arrives and team pumps more young international talent into the organization.

In 2020 we’ll see weekday night games begin at 6:35 p.m. at Camden Yards before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Will the earlier start time be well received? When it was announced fan response was overwhelmingly positive.

So what will represent progress by the team and organization in the 2020 season?

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