Monday morning Orioles Q&A

No Sarasota dateline on this story. No spring competitions to track. No games to be played. The baseball industry is shut down for now and we all wait to find out when it will be back.

Yes, it’s possible, I guess, that the season could be shut down. I see no reason to be too concerned about that just yet.

For now, as we await the next move and/or news, let’s do another Orioles Q&A. Per usual, in the comments section, ask a question or make any comment on the team. Anything about the majors or minors, the spring games we did see, the spring competitions for roster spots we did discuss. Also ask any questions about the current status of the game with the understanding that there are more questions than answers on that front right now. Doesn’t mean we can’t try to best tackle some of those questions.

Want to talk nuts and bolts baseball, as we normally would be doing on this date in previous years? Along those lines, recently I wrote about Shawn Armstrong here. If the Orioles pitching staff is to improve, individual pitchers need to improve. Several, at the urging of the pitching coaches, made adjustments and/or tweaks that could pay off in 2020. They are trying to get better. Armstrong told me how that applies to him during my time in Sarasota.

Armstrong-Delivers-White-ST-sidebar.jpgI had some fun with this story in camp. Richard Bleier and Mychal Givens talked to me about their close friendship and how it plays out to keep the clubhouse loose. In this story, I looked at how Austin Hays and Ryan Mountcastle are trying to take their offense to another level by using some smarts to help out. J.J. Hardy discussed his coaching role in O’s camp right here and surprised me when he said he has not ruled out possibly coaching in his future.

So there are some stories from over the last few weeks that appeared here that could lead to a good discussion now. Feel free to ask about any of it this morning and let’s get a nice O’s discussion going. Readers, you’re up.

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