We’re waiting and wondering: What comes next for MLB?

So now what do we do?

Everyone in baseball is asking that question today. From team officials and players, coaches and managers to fans and reporters.

How do we go forward and what will we be writing about, wonder writers, reporters and columnists that cover the game.

Here at this website, the offseason is actually pretty active for us. Roch Kubatko and I write stories pretty much every day and readers keep the blogs active with comments and questions. Will the next few weeks be just like an extension of the offseason for us here on this blog?

ed smith stadium.jpgPlenty of other questions come to mind. Here are just a few:

* Will teams need a second spring training before the season starts? If yes, will they do that in Florida and Arizona or in their home cities?

* Will the teams be able to play a 162-game season?

* Will the games start with rosters that go beyond 26 players?

* Can teams make roster moves and sign players during this down period for the game?

* Should baseball consider extending the season whenever they get around to starting 2020? Would that drag the playoffs into November, pushing Thanksgiving? Is that crazy?

I spent some time on my flight home from Florida on Saturday thinking about some stories I should write in this space over the next few weeks. I’m not sure what exact form they will take, but I think it would be fun to write about how I loved going to games as a kid at Memorial Stadium. About my trek to Cooperstown with a couple of college friends in 1996 to be there when Earl Weaver went into the Hall of Fame. About covering Brooks Robinson’s induction as a young buck reporter. About the first weekend I worked as an actual paid radio reporter - it was the final weekend against Milwaukee in 1982. These stories could be fun to write and tell. Hopefully to read, too.

What topics should we cover and discuss here over the next few weeks? More stories like I floated here? More nuts and bolts about the team and the battle for roster spots? More on the farm?

Lot of directions we can go and we’ll probably travel all roads while we wait to figure out what will be the next steps for baseball.

It’s a strange and uncertain time in baseball, as it is in our country right now. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun around here in some unique and interesting ways. This still holds true - any day is a good day to discuss anything about baseball.

Trey’s message: Here was an uplifting sight and message posted last night.

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