A few more questions for O’s fans

Time for you, my very appreciated readers, to take a few minutes today and answer a few more questions I am throwing out and at you today. Not throwing at you like a beanball pitcher, but you get the point.

With my (lack of) velocity, the pitch wouldn’t hurt anyway.

The World Series is over and the team with the fewest regular-season wins to make the playoffs won it. So hey, the Orioles’ rebuilding could culminate in a playoff spot with just 88 wins? Yes, it is possible, but this year 88 wins in the American League East would have gotten you fifth place, so maybe not.

No big signings in the sport yet. The Winter Meetings, at this hour, are still on. A new collective bargaining agreement has yet to be hammered out and the current one expires Dec. 1 at 11:59 p.m.

So the next few weeks and months should not be dull.

Thumbnail image for Mountcastle-HR-Swing-Orange-Sidebar.jpgNow, a few more questions for O’s fans

1. What date will Adley Rutschman debut in 2022? How many games will he play with the Orioles?

2. Ryan Mountcastle hit 33 homers and drove in 89 runs last season. How many homers and RBIs will he have next year?

3. Which AL East team will be most active during free agency and in what possible ways?

4. Who will be the O’s Minor League Player of the Year next season? How about the Pitcher of the Year?

5. On what date will Major League Baseball have a new labor contract?

6. Provide some questions that should be asked in future editions of “a few questions for O’s fans.”

7. Trey Mancini should be:

A. Signed to a new long-term contract.
B. Traded as he enters the last year before free agency in 2022.
C. Neither, but he should be retained on the ‘22 team.

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