Orioles Need Quick Outs

The Orioles are taking too long to get off the field when on defense. Today in Boston Dave Trembley spoke about the value of quick outs. It’s a big reason why the Orioles pitchers are struggling to go deep in games.

With two outs, the Orioles arms can’t seem to close the deal and get the defenders behind them back in the dugout to hit. The result is long innings, high pitch counts, and a defense that is back on their heels and racking up more errors than such a talented group should.

That being said, you can’t blame the pitchers for the errors.

You can, however, blame the pitchers for this:

Look at the numbers from the first five games of the road trip. With two outs, Orioles pitchers have given up nine walks and nineteen RBI. Also during this trip, opponents are batting .344 against the Orioles in two-out situations.

Last night Adam Eaton gave up two-out RBIs in the second, third, and fourth innings.

So far today, the Red Sox first two runs of the game were scored on two-out RBIs.

The pace of the game is very important, and as Trembley said, the Orioles need to speed it up and get that third out quicker.

Update: Koji Uehara lasted seven innings today in Boston. He struck out five and gave up two earned runs. Both Red Sox runs came with two outs in the inning. Uehara got zero run support despite the quality start.