Luke vs. Lefties

The Orioles are in the middle of a stretch in which they face four consecutive lefties.

It’s an odd occurrence for one team to see that many southpaws in one week, but it’s the luck of the draw.

Normally Dave Trembley would be inclined to sit Luke Scott versus left handed pitching, but he can’t afford to sit his hottest bat four days in a row.

As a result Scott is getting the chance to prove what hitting coach Terry Crowley has believed all year. Scott can hit lefties.

Trembley admitted “Crow” had been lobbying the skipper to play Luke against lefties all year. Crowley believed if Scott could see left-handers on a regular basis, he could “be a monster for us against lefties.”

The reason? Crow said Luke is not scared to step in against a lefty. “He hangs in there,” Crowley said. “He’s ready to hit strikes and is starting to lay off bad breaking balls.”

Luke told me how thankful he is to have Crowley pulling for him. He’s long been frustrated with the “misconception,” as he put it, that he couldn’t hit southpaws.

So far, Luke is proving his hitting coach right. Coming into Wednesday’s game Luke was hitting .333 in 30 at bats against lefties this year.

Oh by the way--Scott just stepped in the box for at bat number 31 as I was blogging.

Goodbye, home run!!! Off Jason Vargas--a lefty.

We all know Luke Scott is a good hitter, but now we’re seeing him grow into a more well rounded hitter; and he’s making it more and more difficult for Trembley to come up with any reason to keep him out of the lineup.