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Base stealers force O's catchers to adjust

There are many things fans don’t get to see around the ballpark on a day-to-day basis. One is the players who take the field early before batting practice to get extra fielding work in. Lately I’ve seen bench coach and former catcher Jeff Datz out early to work with Matt Wieters and Craig Tatum. All three have really clocked some hours working on defense

Arrieta's unconventional training prepared him for big leagues

One look at Jake Arrieta and it’s clear: he’s about as well conditioned as an athlete can get. The 90-degree temperatures he’ll pitch in this weekend and throughout the summer here in Baltimore are nothing - compared to Texas. While other talented young college baseball players were spending their summers on Cape Cod or working out in high tech air conditioned facilities, Arrieta was

Bordick calling on experience to mentor young O's

During a stretch where the Orioles haven’t been scoring many runs, the O’s defense hasn’t been picking up the slack. In an effort to change that, the Birds called in former Oriole Mike Bordick. Watch the video below as Amber asks Bordick about the most difficult thing he had to learn as a young player on defense and how anticipation is such a key

Catching up with Adam Jones

As Adam Jones’ bat begins to heat up, Amber caught up with the Orioles outfielder to discuss his approach at the plate and how teams are pitching to Baltimore during interleague play. Amber also asks Jones how he adjusts his preparation when hitting against pitchers he’s less familiar with than those within the American League.

What's up with Wieters?

Matt Wieters snapped an 0-16 slump on the road trip Sunday with a two-out, three-RBI double that gave the Orioles the early lead. It was just his second hit on the six-game road trip, the other being a solo homer against the Giants last week. Is there reason to be concerned about Wieters lack of hitting in 2010? Remember, this is not just the

Felix Pie on the mend

Remember that guy Felix Pie? It’s okay, we all tend to forget about the 60 day DL guys too. To refresh your memory, he’s the speedy outfielder the Orioles acquired from the Cubs in 2009 in the Garrett Olson trade who’s been rehabbing a torn latissimus dorsi muscle in his back since April. Originally it was thought Pie wouldn’t return until after the All-Star

Who gets the ball?

My colleague Jim Hunter brought up an interesting question. Since Jake Arrieta got his first major league win on his debut Thursday night and David Hernandez got his first major league save in the same game - who gets the game ball? For the record, the ball used in the last out of every major league game is considered the “official” game ball even

Looking forward to the "The Tenth Inning"

Ken Burns fills fans in on the follow-up to his nine-part documentary, “Baseball”, as he talks with Amber about “The Tenth Inning”. Burns talks about the difficulty of balancing some of the negative aspects of baseball’s recent history with the positive memories from the most recent era of the game. Watch the video below for thoughts from Burns and a preview of the two-part,

Hernandez is liking the bullpen

Two weeks after David Hernandez’s move to the bullpen, Amber caught up with the starter-turned-reliver to get his take on the transition. Hernandez admits that his preconceptions about a move to the bullpen proved false, and the reliever likes heading to the ballpark each day knowing there’s a possiblity he could come in to impact the game. Watch the video below to hear move

Bergesen on Bergesen

I spoke to Brad Bergesen about his tumultuous year, and it seems he’s really focused on relaxing, getting his mechanics back on track and returning to his spot in the rotation. By throwing two or three innings at a time out of the bullpen, he feels he’ll have a chance to make corrections without the pressure of being a starter. Continue reading ....

Is a Managerial Change Looming?

You can cut the tension around the ball club with a knife today. If I’m Dave Trembley I’m holding on like a scared skydiver jumping out of a plane leaving New York today---expect Dave is probably feeling like someone has to force him onto the team plane to go home. He has no clue what awaits him when he gets back to Baltimore. If Continue reading ....

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