Bergesen on Bergesen

I spoke to Brad Bergesen about his tumultuous year, and it seems he's really focused on relaxing, getting his mechanics back on track and returning to his spot in the rotation.

By throwing two or three innings at a time out of the bullpen, he feels he'll have a chance to make corrections without the pressure of being a starter.

Bergesen comes across as a fun-loving guy, but he's mentally tough. For a young pitcher, he's impressed me with his ability to handle adversity without frustration.

He seems to have a very business-like approach to his problems, and instead of falling apart, he buckles down and goes to work. That's what Bergesen has been doing with pitching coach Rick Kranitz.

Bergesen told me the problem is his arm angle. He's coming across his body too much and getting on the side of the ball rather than behind it. Changing that mechanical issue is Bergesen's focus right now.

Bergesen is a pretty confident person, but you have to wonder if he's a bit nervous, hearing speculation surrounding Jake Arrieta, the Triple-A prospect who appears ready to make a big league debut.

If Bergesen does skip just one start, he'd be on schedule to return to the starting rotation next Saturday at home. However, there is buzz that Arrieta could make that start as well.

Lost in all this are the struggles of Chris Tillman. Don't be surprised if Arrieta is called up to make a start in place of Tillman either. Bergesen isn't the only member of the rotation who's struggling. Juan Samuel said the team is keeping all its options open concerning Arrieta.