Who gets the ball?

My colleague Jim Hunter brought up an interesting question. Since Jake Arrieta got his first major league win on his debut Thursday night and David Hernandez got his first major league save in the same game - who gets the game ball?

For the record, the ball used in the last out of every major league game is considered the "official" game ball even though many balls are used in a major league game.

The same situation happened in 2002 with Rick Bauer getting his first major league win for the O's and Jorge Julio getting his first save. Julio was originally given the ball, but he handed it over to Bauer because he felt the starter deserved it for throwing more innings.

Thursday night Hernandez was given the game ball, Arrieta told me he was given his first strike out ball and the jersey he wore.

What do you think? Who should get the official game ball in that situation?