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McKeon a manager for the ages

The moment I saw smoke billowing from his cigar on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2003, I’ve been intrigued with Marlins manager Jack McKeon. At the time I had no clue he had roots with the Orioles and Washington baseball. Then again, McKeon has been in the game so long, he probably has connections with just about every team. In an ageist society obsessed

When they're quicker to the plate, pitchers give catchers a chance

When Orioles backup catcher Craig Tatum threw out two key baserunners in Saturday’s win over the Angels, people were buzzing about the defensive night Tatum had behind the plate. Nobody spoke of how Brad Bergesen helped him do it - except Buck Showalter. “Bergy was 1.22, 1.23 (seconds to the plate last night.) Gave Tater (Tatum) a chance,” said Showalter. If you want to see

Will he stay or will he go?

Since coming to the Orioles in 2007, Jeremy Guthrie has been anything but trade bait. In his five seasons in Baltimore, Guthrie has been the one pitcher the O’s want to hold onto, mainly because he’s the one pitcher who has given the club innings. He offered the reliability the O’s needed during a time when the club was debuting a number of young arms.

Humble Gonzalez just wants his team to win

I sat down with MVP candidate Adrian Gonzalez while Boston was in town this week. The Red Sox slugger couldn’t be more gracious. I almost wanted to remind him that people feared him. He was extremely down to earth and was very humble about not only his offensive prowess, but his team’s success despite a laundry list of injuries. Gonzalez leads the American League in

Reimold patiently waiting for his opportunity

When bench coach John Russell emerged from the coaches’ room Sunday morning and began posting the O’s lineup, I wrote down the names. The first thing I noticed was rookie Matt Angle leading off and playing left field in his MLB debut. “Interesting,” I thought. Then, Nolan Reimold popped up behind me, took a quick glance at the lineup, noticed he wasn’t in it, and

Markakis discusses state of Orioles as deadline approaches

As fans gave Nick Markakis a standing ovation in the third inning of Friday’s game, the Orioles right fielder wasn’t concerned with pomp and circumstance over his 1,000th career hit. “When you put it into perspective, that’s one of the least important things I’m worried about right now,” Markakis said before reaching the 1,000 hit milestone. “I’d rather be out there with less hits winning

Road trip for O's gets no easier as they finish first half in Boston

After the Orioles struggled to find some consistent offense in Texas this week; one MLB headline must be sweet music to Buck Showalter’s ears: Boston Red Sox Pitcher Jon Lester Goes to DL (Strained lower lat muscle). Hallelujah - cue the angels singing. While nobody is rejoicing in Lester’s pain, there has to be some comfort in the Birds knowing they won’t face the notorious

Poor starting pitching wearing down O's 'pen

Monday’s 13-4 loss to the Rangers was so lopsided so early in the game there was a point in the third inning that the Orioles didn’t even look like they belonged on the same field as the Rangers. There haven’t been many times I’ve felt that way in my career covering the Birds, despite witnessing some of the worst seasons in franchise history. That’s opinion,

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