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Once again, hot September leaves promise for next season

On Wednesday during Red Sox batting practice, David Ortiz had a question for me. It summed up the feeling of all Orioles fans in 2011. “What’s up with this team in September? They always win,” Ortiz said. I had no answer, so I answered with a question. “What’s up with this team from April to August?” That’s the bigger issue. The O’s surge the past

Can O's continue to wreak havoc in wild card race?

Buy a ticket to see the Red Sox play the Orioles at the Yard this week. History might be made and the Orioles could be major players in the drama. A little over a week ago on this blog, I said there would be meaningful baseball in Baltimore late in September. Since that post, no team has a played a bigger role in shaping the

O's can't rely on home-grown pitching for 2012

After watching Rick VandenHurk give up four earned runs in three innings Tuesday night at Fenway Park, 24 hours after watching Brian Matusz give up six earned runs in 1 1/3 innings, I’ve had an epiphany. The Orioles must go after a marquee free agent pitcher this offseason. I’m not talking a middle-of-the-road veteran in his late 30s with a career ERA near 5.00. I’m

O's getting only decent average from Vladimir Guerrero

Have I just not been playing close enough attention, or is it surprising that Vladimir Guerrero is poised to win the Orioles’ batting title? His .293 batting average is 13 points higher than the second-best average, which belongs to Adam Jones at .280. If Guerrero does take the title, which he will, is it a compliment to him or a slight to the rest of

Orioles playing in significant September games

There’s meaningful baseball being played at Camden Yards in September. Whether it’s meaningful to Orioles fans is up for debate, but surely the games played during the O’s current homestand are meaningful to baseball. Of the Birds’ 16 remaining games, all are against teams fighting for a postseason berth. They face the Rays (two games), Red Sox (seven games), Angels (three games), and Tigers (four

O's need to continue focus on international scouting

Did anybody read between the lines when Buck Showalter complimented the Blue Jays organization for its scouting efforts in Venezuela on Wednesday night? “I was impressed with their kid (Henderson Alvarez). It goes without saying, you don’t see many pitchers make that many quality fastball pitches. A lot of life. You can see why they’re excited about him. Another product of what they’ve been doing

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