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A MASN programming note

If you want to hear more about the Ravens’ come-from-behind win over the Cardinals, the Redskins’ shutout loss to the Bills and much more, tune into MASN Monday from 5:30-7 p.m. as MASNsports.com’s Roch Kubatko and I team up to put a new spin on “The Mid-Atlantic Sports Report.” I’m pumped up for the new format which will air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout

Showalter should be a draw for new GM

There are rumblings around the sports talk airwaves. Some say the Orioles’ general manager hiring process should account for not just qualifications and vision, but how a candidate’s personality meshes with a strong-willed Buck Showalter. It seems like an appropriate consideration when picking a front office executive. After all, the two parties have to work together to run the club. Nothing paralyzes on-field production like

Forget second basemen; why not go after shortstop Jose Reyes?

With Dodgers assistant general manager De Jon Watson interviewing to become the Orioles’ president of baseball operations Wednesday, I’ll continue to play general manager while the position is still vacant. My MASNsports.com colleague Roch Kubatko has posted a list of free agent second basemen. Everyone on the blog is scouring that list for a realistic replacement if Brian Roberts isn’t healthy. Here’s my advice: Don’t

Front Office 101: "Offseason for Dummies"

The Major League Baseball offseason will technically begin this week. I’ve noticed in my colleagues’ blogs on MASNsports.com, there are a lot of technical questions about free agency, compensation, arbitration, etc. You baseball die-hards probably already have the process memorized, but for those of you that don’t spend your Saturday nights browsing the Elias Sports Bureau Web site, here is your “Offseason for Dummies” guide.

First quarter crucial for Ravens this Sunday

This Sunday, as the Ravens and Texans square off at M&T Bank Stadium, some moments will be predictable. The national anthem will be sung, the whistle will blow and we’ll all hear that familiar thump made as leather impacts pigskin on the opening kickoff. After that, expect chaos over the first 15 minutes. Like Preakness thoroughbreds, Sunday is likely to be a sprint right out

Red Sox GM search could interfere with O's (plus chicken and beer in the clubhouse)

The Birds’ general manager search coupled with the news of Orioles director of scouting Joe Jordan’s departure gives O’s fans the uneasy feeling there’s nobody piloting the plane right now. We are stuck in the movie “Airplane” and Kareem Abdul Jabbar just passed out at the controls in his L.A. Laker shorts. It’s a feeling that should be temporary. The transition should warrant some excitement.

New GM needs ability to make bold moves

And so the search begins for the Orioles’ next general Manager. Apparently, “according to sources,” half of the senior vice presidents and assistant GMs in the league are candidates. Whoever is being considered, Peter Angelos and the Orioles can’t afford to drag the search out. This club needs to be aggressive in the free agency market this winter, so chop chop. Based on that, the

Camden Yards featured in TV series "Houses of Glory"

On Tuesday morning, I sat in the empty seats of Camden Yards while a television crew from Melbourne, Australia, interviewed me about the park that changed the way baseball stadiums were designed. Sports Brand Media is working on a new television series called “Houses of Glory” that profiles great sporting arenas from all over the world. You can check out the promo here. It looks

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