Life during the offseason

Thanks to Bobby H from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for his response to my last blog. Of course, we would never forget Sussex County! Regarding his request for info on my family and what I do during the offseason ....

I usually don’t talk publicly about my family much, but I will tell you that Debbie and I just celebrated our 29th anniversary last week, and believe me, it takes patience to be married to a traveling sportscaster.

She is a great lady who started out as a casual sports fan, who now knows a lot about sports.

She is a real judge of character, and that advice from her frequently comes in handy in the crazy world of broadcasting.

I have had some ups and downs in my career, and she has ridden every one of those roller coasters with me. The uncertainty of this business can be very hard on a family, and she has been awesome as my rock and partner these last three decades.

She is also a great volunteer in our community.

My oldest daughter Katie is a junior in college, majoring in political science in her pursuit of Law School. She’ll make a good attorney as she never forgets anything! And she loves baseball. When I was with the Cardinals and she was little, she would sit next to me in the booth for games, mesmerized by baseball and not moving a muscle for three hours.

Allison is a college freshman and wants to be a teacher as she pursues her degree in elementary education. She’s a kid magnet, so that will be perfect for her. She was a cross country and track runner in high school, and my proudest day as a dad was her last race when she finished 10th at the state meet and made the Oklahoma All-State team. At her first baseball game years ago at Coors Field, she watched an inning or two, then made her mom take her to the left field playground. Oh well, one out of two isn’t bad!

After I return from DC, I usually get caught up on my honey-do list, play some golf (I hosted a charity tournament for the first time this year), dabble in local sports radio, watch football games, play guitar in the band at church (no singing), and get ready for college basketball.

I am in my 7th year of play-by-play for the University of Oklahoma men’s and women’s teams, and also do Saturday games for the Big 12 Network.

Basketball is fun, I’ve been doing it on TV for over 30 years and it keeps me active and sharp during the fall and winter. I’ve had the opportunity to do 7 NCAA Tournaments and the Final 4 in St. Louis three years ago for NCAA International.

I’m honored to call Larry Conley, Jimmy Dykes, Dick Vitale and many others friends from years of sitting next to these great analysts; they’re good people.

If you think it would be wild to work for two hours with Dickie V though, you’re right! But he’s a great guy with a heart of gold, and I’m sure we’ll see him next year when the Nats visit Tampa Bay.

I keep in touch regularly with Don and Debbie this time of the year. We’re co-workers during the baseball season, but friends all year ‘round.

Thanks to Bobby H and all of our great Nats fans who consider us “family.” It’s our honor to be in your home every night as we follow our Nationals.

Only 12 weeks to pitchers and catchers ..... !