It’s good to be home again

After returning to Baltimore after what felt like a long road trip, Brian admitted it was good to be home. It’s the time of year when ballplayers start to battle physical and mental fatigue, but it’s also a time when reinforcements are just around the corner with rosters expanding soon.

Away from the ballpark, B-Rob gave an update on his lengthy 3 1/2 hour fantasy football draft and the new Orioles Players and Pets Calendar he posed for with his favorite dog Rocky.

Watch Brian’s latest video blog to find out who he selected as his fantasy football QB and what his crazy dog Rocky is up to these days.

Also watch to find out how Roberts responded to fans who asked about his favorite nightlife spots in Baltimore, what he’s looking forward to most when the offseason arrives, what instruments he plays and what his favorite memories are from traveling with his dad’s baseball teams as a kid.

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