Riggleman’s thoughts on Chien-Ming Wang

The Nationals announced today they have signed pitcher Chien-Ming Wang. Wang won 38 games in 2006 and 2007 for the New York Yankees.

I asked manager Jim Riggleman what he thought of the signing of Chien-Ming Wang:

“I think it is a great signing on the part of the whole organization. It makes a statement by the Lerners, Stan Kasten and Mike Rizzo that we are not standing pat.

“We are trying to do everything we can to improve because we know he will likely not be ready early in the season. This could be a positive for us actually and give opportunities for Garrett Mock, Collin Balester and others to get more time to show what they can do.

“It will give us a chance in the first couple of months of the season to look at these guys and when the time comes and Wang is ready to pitch it will feel like a boost. It will be like we made an early season trade and didn’t give anybody up.”

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