Randy Knorr’s plan for Strasburg today

I just spoke with Harrisburg manager Randy Knorr. Strasburg is on an 85-90 pitch count and Jhonatan Solano will catch Stephen today, as he did a lot during spring training.


Randy, what are you looking for from Stephen today?

“I just want him to go out there and just get the first one over with, relax, and just be himself. I am going to look to see if he goes after it. I hope he is not hesitant. I just want him to go out there and pitch like Stephen can.”

And Solano will catch for Strasburg today, they worked a lot in the spring?

“Yes, Stephen is a guy who will throw what he wants. Solano will offer suggestion and hopefully they are on the same page. It’s a learning process for both of them. I am hoping they will do fine because they worked so much together in the spring. It won’t take them too long to catch up (to where they were in spring training).”

I saw Stephen relaxing in the clubhouse before the game and he looked focused and ready to go. Also got a chance to chat with Matt Chico who will pitch tomorrow in Bowie.

Drew Storen also checked in and said “hello”. Randy talked about how media savvy Drew is. Storen is very easy to appproach and always willing to talk and give you an update on what is going on.

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