Selig: “D.C. deserves All-Star game” at Nats Park

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig stopped by the press box during Monday’s opener versus the Phillies and talked about a myriad of subjects and a few on the Nats and D.C. baseball. Here is a couple of his answers on the subject:

Is Washington, D.C. coming into its own as a major league baseball town?:

“I have no doubts and I mean this sincerely. It’s a really beautiful day in this really beautiful ballpark. I have talked to Stan (Kasten), Mike Rizzo and to the Lerners a lot about it and I really feel comfortable (about baseball here in D.C.) I know it took a long time for us to come back to the market. With a good competitive club this clearly will be a great major league market. It won’t be a good (market), it will be a great one. I have no doubt about it.”

When will Nationals Park get to host an All-Star game?

“The problem with it is that we have 24 new ballparks. I got everybody after me for every year (to host an All-Star game). Back in the 1990s, you used to have to talk somebody into taking an All-Star game. I am not kidding. Now everyone wants one and they are very aggressive about it. Washington deserves an All-Star game. We will certainly look at that.”

Washington, D.C. last hosted a baseball All-Star game in 1969 at RFK. The National League won the game, 9-3.

Selig also says he enjoyed speaking with President Barack Obama before he threw out his first pitch at Nats Park wearing a Nationals jacket and a Chicago White Sox cap.

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