Chambers dispels Nats job rumor

College of Southern Nevada baseball coach Tim Chambers told me that he has “absolutely not” been offered a job with the Nats.

Tim said he called the Nats Assistant General Manager Roy Clark last night and they joked about how the media frenzy with him and the interest in his player, Bryce Harper, most likely fueled this type of speculation.

“I was a ‘bird-dog’ while Roy was with the Atlanta Braves. As a matter of fact, when Clark left the Braves, the team sent me a letter that I was no longer one of their associate scouts (because Roy had moved on to the Nationals).”

“It was pretty funny. They even sent me one business card at the start of my tenure with my name typed on the front.”

Chambers guessed he spoke with the Braves maybe three or four times a year as an associate scout.

An associate scout is different from a scout in this case because they do not travel. Chambers would advise the Braves on talent he saw at the high school and collegiate levels, especially in the Scenic West conference that he coaches in.

“I don’t have the time to be a scout. I am a college coach. I have a family and can’t be traveling around all the time scouting.”

If anything, Chambers would ‘bird-dog’ for the Nats, but that would be the extent of his responsibility.

The rumor originated from an story that said the Nats were going to hire Chambers.

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