Lannan on Strasburg and what a major league debut feels like

Nats starting pitcher John Lannan remembers his major league debut in Philadelphia in 2007. He admits he was a little nervous in part from all the waiting around for the game to start.

Lannan knows how Stephen Strasburg felt in his first major league start.

“It was the anticipation that got to me a little bit, you know, the sitting around. Got there pretty early, it was a day game.

I was really excited, a little nervous, but all that stopped once I got on the mound.

He is psyched up right now, for sure. It is just a matter of controlling it. It is just realizing that what you did that got you here is plenty enough.

It is really exciting day that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is what it all means.

Ever since you were a kid you want to be in the big leagues. And this is where it happens. This is the day you will always remember. I always remember that day, that date, no matter what happened in that game.”

Lannan scheduled to start Game 2 Wednesday night against the Pirates.

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