Moore hits 25th homer of the season for Potomac

Potomac first baseman Tyler Moore hit his 25th home run of the season, a grand slam, Wednesday in the Nationals 9-1 win at Kinston. Moore now has 94 RBI on the season.

The Brandon, Mississippi native finished 2-for-3 with 1 HR, 5 RBI and a run scored. He has hit 18 home runs since early July. Coming into this season, Moore had hit 15 homers combined in two pro seasons at Vermont and Hagerstown.

Hitting coach Matt Nokes says Moore worked on his batting stroke after struggling early on this season, saying, “he was swinging well in batting practice. He kept his mechanical approach pretty consistent when he would get his pitch. We made a few adjustments.

“Most of all, it was the mental approach. He started to look for the pitch he wanted and went after it with conviction and made adjustments from there. It takes a long time to find your approach, to look for your pitch and adjust off of that.

“Even if someone would tell you the pitches that are coming, most really good hitters don’t even want to know because it takes you out of what you worked so hard to find. That is what Tyler learned. When he swings with conviction and looks for his pitch he has learned to adjust well.

“You look at his character. He struggled early this season. He was hitting .195 not too long ago, but he kept a positive attitude and kept working hard. He acknowledged what he was working on.

“He would be looking for a pitch and when the pitcher was in his wind up he would change his mind and think ‘well, maybe it will be something else’. He identified (this indecision) as the problem and he overcame it.”

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