Riggleman: Werth wasn’t referring to skipper regarding “change”

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman said he has spoken to Jayson Werth following the right fielder’s comments during a postgame interview in Milwaukee earlier in the week.

Werth said after the 6-4 loss to the Brewers on Wednesday that “things needed to change” and he had “some ideas.”

Riggleman said during his pregame meeting with the media Friday that he had a meeting with Werth and does not believe Werth was referring to the manager’s job status when talking about those needed changes.

“(Werth) is definitely on board,” Riggleman said. “He had some ideas. I had some ideas.”

Riggleman said the Werth meeting was productive and felt similar to a conversation he had with catcher Ivan Rodriguez earlier in the season.

“(The talk with Pudge) turned out to be one of the best conversations I ever had with a player. This one was very much the same. This was a very good conversation,” Riggleman said.

Riggleman acknowledged that Werth was frustrated - and he is not the only player who feels that way right now.

“(Werth) has been around a lot of winning and we are not winning right now,” Riggleman said. “There are other players that are frustrated. Jayson is becoming one of the voices of the ballclub with his experience in the game. He expressed that frustration.”

Riggleman said losing seven of their last eight games might have something to do with why the Nationals’ frustration level has accelerated.

“It has been that type of week, no question,” Riggleman said. “But it is just what you go through as a ballclub. It is a 162-game schedule. Every ballclub hits some times like this. The key is to get out of it as quickly as possible. We are not immune to that. You are going to have some tough times. We just got to get out of the tough times and start winning some ballgames.”

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