Storen right on schedule in recovery from elbow surgery

Right-hander Drew Storen remains with the team in D.C. as he continues his rehab from elbow surgery to remove a bone chip.

Storen soft-tossed 100 throws Wednesday, the same number he threw Monday. He did two sets of 50 throws, 25 at 45 feet and 25 from 60 feet. Storen will have another day off tomorrow.

“It feels all right,” Storen said. “It is right where I expected it to be. It is just different, playing catch, soft tossing. It’s right on track, a day-by-day thing.”

Storen is not feeling anxious because of the injury to Brad Lidge (abdominal) or the struggles of Henry Rodriguez to come back faster.

“Regardless of any of those (injuries), I would still be hungry to get back,” Storen said. “I have talked to (Rodriguez) a little bit. He’s got it. It is tough. As much as somebody tells you, you got to learn for yourself. It is really hard. That is why they get paid the big bucks. If anything, you should be talking to Brad (Lidge) because he knows it better than anyone else.”

Storen said it means a lot more to him to be able to rehab in D.C. rather than in Florida and having to “watch the games on TV.”

Storen will throw again on Friday.

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