Johnson believes Gonzalez/Werth spat is “done, over, history”

Nationals manager Davey Johnson had more thoughts on the Gio Gonzalez versus Jayson Werth verbal spat in the first inning of Tuesday’s 4-2 win over the Giants.

Johnson said he has seen disagreements occur with other clubs and believes it demonstrates the passion that Gonzalez and Werth come to the field with every day.

“That was a little strange,” Johnson said. “But it has happened. I have had other clubs when you are frustrated and you see a little something you don’t like. Another person is not feeling so great, and tempers flare. It shows we have a pulse and we care. Boys will be boys.

“The only negative thing now is everybody has a camera and everybody is pointing it around, can’t even do push-ups on the bench.”

Johnson was referring to earlier this season when he was caught doing push-ups in the dugout during a game by the broadcast cameras.

A situation like what occurred between Gonzalez and Werth has the potential to fracture a clubhouse, especially the Nationals, who are battling to get something positive going with the season winding down, fighting to stay in the playoff race.

Johnson - who has managed the Mets, Reds, Orioles, Dodgers and Nationals for several seasons from 1984 to 2013 - said that these type of confrontations are not more prevalent off camera, behind-the-scenes, as maybe one might expect.

“It doesn’t happen that much,” Johnson said. “No. Nowadays any little thing out of the ordinary is going to be caught. But most guys know that. Stuff can happen. That is just a natural occurrence. That shows there is still life.”

Johnson has not sat down with Gonzalez and Werth to talk over the incident and will not. He is confident it will not be an issue.

“I am sure it is done, over, history,” Johnson said.

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