Williams updates Zimmerman, Gonzalez and Harper recoveries

Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman is scheduled for another X-ray today to check the progress on his broken right thumb, according to manager Matt Williams.

“Doc will take a look at (the X-ray),” Williams said. “Expectation is it will be good. Hopefully, he will get cleared to take baseball activity and get the splint off of there, starting taking some batting practice. ... Been throwing a little bit, he will throw out to 90 (feet) today. That would include grounders.

“Then we will check the X-ray, talk to the doc and see what he has to say. Looks good, though.”

Left-hander Gio Gonzalez has started his throwing program as he recovers from left shoulder inflammation.

“He will throw today, stretch it out a little bit,” Williams said. “Yesterday, we were about 90 feet. He let some balls go yesterday and felt good about it. So we will stretch him out a little bit further today and he is working toward that bullpen session. Feels good though.”

Have the Nationals decided when Gonzalez will get a bullpen session?

“Whenever he is ready, whenever he feels like he’s able to let the ball go,” Williams said. “Yesterday was pretty good. Stretched me out, I know that.”

The good news is Gonzalez is reporting no discomfort in the shoulder.

“Not as of yesterday,” Williams said. “He has been doing his strengthening exercises. All of the rehab, all of that. Now he has started his throwing program - we were out to 90 feet yesterday. He will stretch it from there.

“It is like anything else. You do all the rehab and strength and all of that, then you have to stretch it out. He is in that process now. I don’t know exactly when that bullpen session will happen. But he is working towards it.”

Left fielder Bryce Harper (left thumb surgery) is still the furthest away from returning. I am estimating after the July All-Star break. Williams updated Harper’s recovery and what he is able to do right now.

“Bryce is just healing up,” Williams said. “He is able to do some things with the thumb. He is seeing the (occupational therapist), doing that. It is still early yet, though. He is still in the process of mild stretching, strengthening and letting that mat down and heal up before he can get aggressive with it. But he is progressing.”

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