#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Our holiday gift to you

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - at least that’s what that song tells me. Seriously, it seems like it’s on a continuous loop. From the car to the department store to the supermarket. It’s everywhere. While we don’t have parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting or caroling in the snow, we do have some of the hap-hap-happiest results in this week’s holiday ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Keeping the home fires burning

Daylight’s at a premium as we approach the winter solstice, and it can be tough keep your spirits up. MASN’s here to help. For this week’s throwback telecasts, we bring you a gem from the guy who wrote the jeweler’s handbook on gemology, then a tough choice in the middle of a Nationals romp. After that, we take a glance back at the Nats’ early ... read more

“MASN All Access” bringing exclusive live Winter Meetings shows to fans

LAS VEGAS - Season’s greetings from the Winter Meetings! The “MASN All Access” crew touched down in Vegas this weekend and is gearing up to bring you our biggest and best live shows yet. Where will Bryce Harper sign? Which team will make the biggest splash this week? How the heck do we find the exit to this casino? We’re looking to bring all of ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: A little bit of something for everyone

One of the great things about being a baseball fan is the fact that the game offers something for every fan, no matter your rooting interest, whether you prefer to see offense or pitching or how invested you are in the game. That’s the overriding theme for this week’s array of “Nationals Classics” on MASN: We’ve got something for everyone. You like late heroics? We’ve ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: No crystal ball required

As we turn another page on the calendar, the hot stove is getting warmer. Will the Nationals have a shot at free agent starters Patrick Corbin and Dallas Keuchel? Will they sign another catcher to spell 35-year-old Kurt Suzuki, who is now a Nat again? What’s happening at second base? Does Screech’s salary count toward the luxury tax? For the answers to these and other ... read more

MASN kicking off season of giving at Nats Winterfest

Just a few short days ago, we were sitting around a lovely Thanksgiving table setting with family and friends while shoveling turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all sorts of food into our mouths. What a beautiful, American tradition. And now, with Thanksgiving come and gone, we are officially settling into the holiday season, which means only one thing for Nationals fans: Winterfest! The Nats’ annual ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Clinchers, homers and a most unlikely theft

Man, I’m stuffed. How about you. That buffet dinner was no match for my Thanksgiving appetite and I’m now fueled for an evening of pre-Black Friday shopping.Oh, wait, another piece of pumpkin pie? Well, if you insist. Don’t mind if I do. The bargains will still be there when I pull into the Hagerstown Prime Outlets this evening. Hmmm, I wonder if I can get ... read more

#TBT to “Nationals Classics”: Nats hurlers mow ‘em down

Hot on the heels of the national observance honoring veterans of the armed services, MASN this week celebrates the arms of some veteran hurlers serving the Nationals. As are most teams, the Nats this offseason are taking stock of their starting pitching and trying to figure out how they can improve it. That’s entirely right and proper, but the telecasts in this latest batch of ... read more