Here’s the Pitch

Lannan Successful with First Pitch...
John Lannan threw first pitch strikes to 17 of the 28 Braves batters that he faced on Wednesday night.

That’s something that Nats pitching coach Randy St. Claire has been preaching to the 24-year-old lefty since he first put on a big league uniform.

Lannan also told me before his start that just as good hitting is contagious, good pitching is contagious and he was looking forward to picking up where Shairon Martis left off with his win against Atlanta on Tuesday.

Lannan did just that because he pitched effectively by going inside and attacking the zone. He’s fun to watch on the mound because every time out he really matures as a pitcher.

Center Stage for Ollie...
Southpaw Scott Olsen will take the mound at Citi Field for the first time on Friday night in the Big Apple.

Olsen told me he always enjoyed playing in New York and he liked pitching at Shea Stadium because it had four decks and was always packed with 50,000 fans. He admitted that although he doesn’t really know anything about the new ballpark, he is looking forward to pitching there. I asked him how long it would take for him to adjust to the feel of the mound since he’s never been on it and he replied “about two minutes!”

One NL advance scout told me the new Citi Field is definitely a pitcher’s park and is very similar to Petco Field or Safeco Field, and it has a lot of quirky corners in the outfield.

Kiss the Ground...
MASN play-by-play announcer Bob Carpenter claims he is so happy that Shea Stadium is gone that he will kiss the ground when we arrive at Citi Field before Friday’s game against the Mets.

Just so you know, I will make sure we have a camera to capture this moment! Stay Tuned.