Military Appreciation on Memorial Day

Before the game on Friday night against the Orioles, nine youngsters took the field for the Nationals starting nine.

Friday was a Military Appreciation Night and these kids were guests of the Nationals through a program called TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors).

These youngsters all shared something in common. They lost a parent who was in the military.

One young girl, Meghan, told me this was her first game since her Dad took her to see the Cubs play in Chicago.

Her Dad is no longer with us but Meghan told me she will always be able to remember her Dad taking her to Wrigley Field. She’s got pictures of them together from that day. Now that her Dad is gone, Meghan reflects on her time with him and smiles. She said he was a good guy who loved baseball.

What a game our National Pastime is. Friday night Meghan had a big smile on her face when she told me she’d be standing at 3rd base.

I told her she must be really special because she got to stand alongside Ryan Zimmerman who’s probably the most popular Washington Nationals player. She beamed with pride and said yes, that was going to be pretty cool.

Baseball has a way of helping us escape, even for just a few hours, and somehow it makes life just a little more tolerable at times. It also has a nice way of creating memories, like the ones Meghan has, that will last a lifetime.