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Ryan ready for another one...
Ryan Zimmerman acknowledged after Wednesday’s win over the Giants that he was exhausted and couldn’t wait for the day off on Thursday.

He also admitted that he now understands more about how tough it was for Yankee legend Joe DiMaggio to set the record for consecutive games with a hit at 56 games.

When Ryan was getting ready to join Nats Xtra live after the game on Wednesday, a fan yelled out to him that he was on his fantasy baseball team. Ryan said he gets a lot of that on the road. Afterall, who wouldn’t want such a strong hitter on his fantasy club?

This season Ryan has a routine and an approach that is working for him at the plate.

Couple that with presence of Adam Dunn and Nick Johnson in the lineup and you’ve got a recipe for success. That’s why Ryan will be ready to start another hitting streak Friday at Nationals Park when the Phillies come to town.

Veteran Pitching In...
One thing I’ve noticed about 39-year-old southpaw Ron Villone is how calm he is when he takes the mound. He goes out there and breathes. That’s a lesson the younger members of the relief corps should learn.

Ron has been around a while, but he admits that even though he’s an older member of the Nationals pitching staff, even he is still learning. That’s something he’s taken from working alongside some of the best relievers in the game, including Mariano Rivera of the Yankees. He said the biggest thing is that he listens.

He also says he can learn a lot from the hitters on the ballclub. It’s fun to watch and listen to Ron in the dugout, too. When he’s not pitching he is such a supporter of his teammates. You can hear his voice from the bench cheering on whoever is up at the plate or on the mound.

Check out “The Pit” for some Home Cookin’!
If you’ve got a taste for barbecue, be sure to check out “The Pit at Red Loft” on Friday night. The restaurant at Nationals Park features traditional pit beef and pit turkey.

In case you haven’t heard of it, pit beef is Baltimore’s version of barbecue. The beef is grilled crusty on the outside and rare and juicy inside and heaped high on rye bread to make a very tasty sandwich. To top it off you can add slices of white onion and a horseradish sauce for a little kick--it’s making my mouth water already! Can’t wait to try it on Friday!