Getting the fans’ attention

How ‘bout that weekend series with the St. Louis Cardinals, where the Nats took 3 out of 4 from a team very much in contention in the NL Central.

With no postseason plans for this season Jim Riggleman’s club can be a very disruptive force these final weeks of the season. Ask the Braves and Phillies, as well as the Cardinals how it feels. The Nats have taken series from all three clubs in recent weeks.

The series with Tony La Russa’s Redbirds sent every Nationals fan home saying, “Now this is what it’s supposed to be like when we come to watch this team play.”

A total of 31 runs and 52 hits in four games will get your attention very quickly.

Speaking of getting someone’s attention, Nyjer Morgan’s play at the plate Saturday night cost him Sunday’s game. Skipper Jim Riggleman was not at all pleased with Morgan going after the Cardinals’ catcher as he crossed home plate and sat his center fielder down for the finale of the series.

Riggleman thought it was out of character for Morgan, and I totally agree. I know one thing for sure, it won’t happen again under Riggleman’s watch.

When we look at some of the hot numbers being put up by this ballclub, you gotta start with Michael Morse: 8-for-12 against St Louis, 4 extra base hits, 4 RBIs, 4 runs scored, and a cool .667 batting average for the series. Now that kind of performance should keep Morse in the lineup.

Not to be outdone by Morse, Ian Desmond has been oh-so-consistent of late, and finally, Adam Dunn is back on track again. We knew it had to happen, but I’m sure it’s taken longer than Dunn wanted to regain that home run swing of his.

Congratulations are in order for Livan Hernandez and his contract extension through 2011. In his 15 seasons in the big leagues, Levo has never gone on the DL, and without question he has been the most consistent arm in the starting rotation this season.

Finally, this week will probably be the week that Stephen Strasburg undergoes Tommy John surgery. Every Nationals fan will be thinking of Strasburg and wishing him well. Let’s hope his year of rehab flies by quickly and he returns to the mound better than ever.