A successful career has to start somewhere

General managers answer the same questions every day.

Questions about players, questions about the team and, of course, questions about the future.

But every once in a while, a general manager gets the opportunity to talk about himself. After all, they’re people too, aren’t they?

In today’s inaugural video blog with Mike Rizzo, we found out a little about the Nationals general manager. Sure, he’s a native of Chicago (Chicagoin? Chicagite?) with strong Italian roots, but beyond the office desk and always-active BlackBerry, Rizzo is a baseball man at heart.

Baseball has always been in Rizzo’s life in some capacity, whether as a minor league player or currently in his role in the Nats front office.

In this session, Rizzo talks about where it all started, back home with his baseball-loving father. Be sure to check out the next installment where we’ll learn even more about Rizzo’s path to the man behind the Nationals.

Mike Rizzo Video Blog - Episode 1