Rizzo chose scouting route when playing prospects dimmed

In the mid-1980s, Mike Rizzo had to learn to live with a hard realization: He wasn’t going to be a major leaguer.

A 28th-round pick of the California Angels in 1979 and a 22nd-rounder of the Angels in 1982, Rizzo played 171 minor league games over three seasons before turning to another line of work.

Rizzo knew he didn’t want to leave the game of baseball, but how to climb an organization’s front-office ladder was a quandary he faced. In the Nationals general manager’s latest video blog, he talks about choosing scouting over coaching in the minors, why he made that choice and what life was like as he transitioned to player development.

It clearly turned out to be the right call, because look where he is now.

Mike Rizzo Video Blog - Episode 3 - Rizzo describes the life of a major league scout